I'm a Research Fellow at SoDa Laboratories, Monash University, Australia.
My research is on the broad areas of political economy, network empirics, institutions, conflict and development.
I'm passionate about using innovative data and tools to explore the world around us.

Here are some topics I'm working on.

Working papers

- Diverting Domestic Turmoil  (R&R Journal of Public Economics)

- Key Players in Economic Development  (Under review)
  (with Roland Hodler, Paul Raschky and Yves Zenou)

- Conflicts in Spatial Networks  (Under review)
  (with Paul Raschky, Yves Zenou and Junjie Zhou)

Selected work-in-progress

- Quantifying Government Behaviour through Text Analysis

- Perceived Racism and Labour Supply Decisions
 (with David Kreitmeir and Paul Raschky)

- Competing for Attention: The Effect of Talk Radio on Political Polarization
 (with Paul Raschky)

- Geography, History and the Persistence of Political Attitudes
 (with Paul Raschky and Miethy Zaman)

- The Diffusion of the Internet
 (with Klaus Ackermann, Simon Angus and Paul Raschky)

Here is my CV

Applied Young Economist Webinar

I am the founder and co-organizer of the Applied Young Economist Webinar series, which provides a virtual platform for PhD students and PostDocs to share their work, receive feedback and connect with peers.

Contact me on

Email: ashani.amarasinghe@monash.edu
Office: N502 Monash University, Caulfield VIC 3162, Australia

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